Street Maintenance and Sanitation Crew

The Town's Street Maintenance and Sanitation Crew consists of five full-time and two part-time employees. The Town also takes advantage of a NC Department of Corrections Work Release Program which reduces the cost of services provided by the Public Works Department. The Street Maintenance and Sanitation Crew maintains over 35 miles of Town owned streets, 6 miles of Town owned sidewalks, and is responsible for the collection of trash, refuse, and brush.

Leaf Truck
Street Maintenance
  • Repairing, patching, and resurfacing projects
  • Maintaining street right of ways, curbs, and sidewalks, including repairs and spraying for weeds
  • Cleaning and maintaining stormwater catch basins within street right of ways and conveyances under roadways
  • Repairing and installing street, speed limit, and information signs along Town owned streets
  • Maintaining and clearing streets during snow and adverse weather conditions
The Town contracts with Republic Services for residential roll-out garbage and recycling collection.
For questions about what day your garbage is collected, please see the Garbage Collection Schedule.
For questions about what day your recycling is collected, please see the Recycling Collection Calendar.
The Town also offers the following Sanitation services:
  • Refuse, such as chairs, household items, and other non garbage, is collected every Thursday. Trash and household items should be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on Thursdays. All trash collected must be in manageable pieces and cannot be a safety hazard. We are unable to dispose of wet paint, masonry, rocks, stones, railroad ties, stumps, root balls, shingles, anything with nails, cement, chemicals, sheet rock, tile, tires or batteries. However, when you purchase tires or batteries, a recycling fee is included in the price and the retailer must dispose of it for you. If you have brick, stone, rock or cement work done; have your contractor dispose of these materials. The landfill has a special section for such items including roofing shingles.
  • Household garbage intended for pickup cannot be placed out for collection any earlier than the night before scheduled pickup. Each single-family Town residence is allowed one trash cart provided by Republic Services and one recycling cart provided by the Town. If a cart needs to be replaced or you need an extra cart, you will be required to pay the current cost of the additional or replacement cart. Also remember, if you move, these carts are the properties of Republic Services and the Town of Granite Falls and they are to remain at the residence. You will be billed for any carts taken from the residence.
  • Appliances and white goods are collected every Thursday with the Town refuse collection. Doors on appliances should be removed or taped shut for the safety of small children.
  • Yard waste, such as grass and bush clippings, must be bagged and left at the curb for collection. Please ensure each bag is manageable for one Street employee to lift during collection.
  • Brush and limbs are collected daily as weather and schedule allows. All limbs must be stacked neatly at the curb with trunks to the road and branches pointing toward the house so they can be handled by staff for safe and efficient chipping. Brush and limbs that are not neatly stacked and are entangled will not be collected. Limbs must be under 6” in diameter. Do not place any other trash or leaves onto the limbs. All roots and dirt balls should be removed to prevent damage to the machine and safety hazards to workers. The Town will not collect stumps or root balls. Please remember that we have routes that we must complete before we start the route again. Chipping and leaf pickup cannot be done in the rain or if the brush or limbs are wet and the time a route takes to complete is dependent on the weather, other scheduled services or duties, and the amount of brush and limbs out for chipping. We work hard to collect brush and limbs in a timely manner.
  • Leaves are collected from November through January of each year. During other months of the year, leaves must be bagged in the same manner as regular yard waste. Please do not put your leaves in the curbing. It causes storm drain blockages and is hazardous for motorists. All leaves should be placed along the street, but on your property. Leaves must be kept separate from any limbs or sticks. Leaves are picked up along a regular route. The entire route is covered before it is restarted. If you need expedited leaf collection, please bag your leaves and they will be collected every Thursday along with Town refuse.
  • The Town has five dumpsters that can be brought to a residential location inside the Town limits free of charge. The dumpsters are subject to availability. To request a dumpster, fill out the Dumpster Request Application and fax (828.396.3133), e-mail, or return the form to the Town Office (30 Park Square).
Buildings and Grounds
Town staff maintains Town owned properties including land and buildings maintenance, cemeteries, the History and Transportation Museum, and provides assistance for other Town departments as needed.