Parks and Recreation Department


The Granite Falls Parks and Recreation Department strives to provide state of the art facilities, programs, and activities for our citizens. Granite Falls Recreation Department facilities include the William B. Shuford Recreation Center on Pinewood Road, Lakeside Park on Lakeside Avenue, and Neighborhood Park on Chestnut Street. In recent years, the Town of Granite Falls has completed renovations and upgrades to the swimming pool, men's and women's fitness rooms, multi-purpose field #3, the tennis courts, and the gymnasium at the Shuford Recreation Center. The Town also added the Veterans Monument, permanent bag toss boards, a new meeting space, two single-user ADA compliant indoor restrooms with an adult changing table, an ADA compliant playground, and ADA compliant sidewalks at Shuford Recreation Center. Future Shuford Recreation projects include outdoor ADA compliant restrooms, additional ADA compliant sidewalks, outdoor senior activity centers, additional picnic areas, a splash pad, a pool slide, a batting cage, and additional playground equipment.


Drone Picture of Recreation
Photo Courtesy of Caldwell Journal


Parks and Recreation programs and activities for children include soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, tee-ball, volleyballindoor soccer, arts and crafts, baton, playground, camps, tennis courts, swimming, and gymnastics. Adult programs and activities include fitness rooms, exercise classes, swimming, senior cards, tennis courts, and walking track and trails.


The Shuford Recreation Center hosts the annual Veterans Day Ceremony and the annual North Carolina Special Olympics Polar Plunge.