Planning Department

**If you need a Zoning Permit from the Town for any project, please call ahead prior to stopping by the office. In most cases the information needed for the permit can be gathered over the phone. The Zoning Permit can then be prepared for you and left at the drive through window for you to pick up at your convenience.**

The Town of Granite Falls Planning Department serves the community by managing growth, administering development regulations, working with volunteer citizen boards such as the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment and serving as a liaison between the Town and other local, regional and state agencies.
Planning Department staff is available to answer questions concerning any land development ordinances including: the Zoning Ordinance, the Land Subdivision Ordinance, Water Supply Watershed Protection Ordinance and Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance. For example, please contact us if you wish to find out how a property is zoned, whether a structure is located in a floodplain, where a storage building may be located, how large a sign can be or if you are ready to obtain a Zoning Permit. Planning Department staff also enforces several other Town Codes including overgrown or neglected properties and junked or abandoned vehicles. 
To promote growth and revitalization of the downtown business district, the Town of Granite Falls offers a Building Facade Grant to encourage downtown businesses to renovate their storefronts to historic standards.
In 2011, the Planning Department was instrumental in the development and implementation of the Town of Granite Falls Pedestrian Master Plan which is a policy document that evaluates the existing pedestrian network and looks at recommendations for the future. This document guides policy, planning, and design for pedestrian infrastructure throughout Granite Falls.