How much do cemetery plots cost?

The cost of cemetery plots can be found on the Town of Granite Falls Fee Schedule.

 How do I purchase a cemetery plot?

Customers that want to purchase a cemetery plot should call the Town Office, at 828.396.3131, to request a time to meet with Town Staff at Sunset Hills Cemetery where Staff will assist the customer in choosing a plot or plots in the cemetery. The customer will then go to the Town Office to complete the purchase of the plot or plots. The customer may pay for the plot/plots in full or may finance for one year after making a down payment of 10% of the purchase price and monthly payments for the next 12 months. Plots are to be paid for in full within one year and cannot be used until paid in full.

 Can cremains be buried in Sunset Hills Cemetery?

Cremains can be buried in Sunset Hills Cemetery. One Casket and one cremains, or no casket and two cremains, may be buried in each plot. The Town requires grave markers for each casket and each cremains. Grave markers should be placed at the foot of the grave.