When will my chipping and/or leaves be picked up?

We have routes for chipping and leaf collection. Once we start a route, we attempt to cover the entire Town before we start the route over again. We have no specific days that we chip or collect leaves. We continually run these routes as weather and other duties allow. Chipping and leaves cannot be collected in the rain or if they are wet.

 What do I do if there is a bush or tree impeding travel along a Town owned street or sidewalk?

If there is bush or tree impeding travel on a Town street or sidewalk, please call the Town Office at 828.396.3131 and Town staff will create a work order as a tracking mechanism to make sure the problem is resolved. It is the property owner’s responsibility to keep their trees and bushes maintained and out of the road and/or off the sidewalk, even if they are in the road right of way.

 Who do I notify if I need to report a pot hole, issue with street signs, clogged storm drains, dead animal in the road, or any other street related issue?

If you see any issues related to street maintenance please call the Town Office at 828.396.3131 and Town staff will create a work order as a tracking mechanism to make sure the problem is resolved. The Town owns 35 miles of roads, and it is helpful when citizens inform us of issues. Please note that if you see an issue that is an immediate hazard to public safety please report the issue immediately by calling 828.396.3131.

 What do I do if I have a large quantity of trash to get rid of that is more than standard rollout garbage collection or can be collected on the Town's Thursday trash collection day?

The Town offers large dumpster bins free of charge to citizens for disposing of large quantities of household trash and refuse The dumpsters can be used for a maximum of two weeks. There must be adequate space on the citizen’s property for the Town’s garbage truck to drop off and remove the dumpster as well as adequate space to place the dumpster. Dumpsters cannot be placed in the street or on a neighbor’s property. A dumpster request application form must be filled out and signed before a dumpster can be delivered. The application can be picked up at the Town Office or downloaded here. The completed application needs to be returned to the Town Office to initiate the work order. Please review the application to understand what can and cannot be placed into the dumpster for disposal.

 When are right-of-ways mowed?

Right of ways are mowed several times a year to keep overgrowth from the edge of Town roads and utilities. These areas are not mowed weekly and are only intended to allow access to these locations for maintenance purposes. Property owners are still responsible for maintaining their property inside road and/or utility right of ways.

 How do I set up roll-out garbage and recycling pickup?

The Town of Granite Falls contracts with Republic Services to collect residential garbage and recycling in the Town limits. Please call the Town Office at 828.396.3131, so Town staff can notify Republic Services to deliver a 95-gallon roll-out garbage bin to your residence. The Town will deliver a 95-gallon recycling bin to your residence. An extra recycling bin can be purchased from the Town if needed.