How do I set up water and wastewater service?

For any questions about utility service, please see our Utilities page or call Town Hall at 828.396.3131.

 What do I do if I think I see a water line break/leak?

If you see a water line break/leak call 828.396.3131. Please remember that leaks are repaired by priority and only after all other utility services have been properly located. If it is a true emergency, the issue will be corrected once an emergency locate has been completed. If it is a standard water leak, it will take at least three days for other utilities to be located and it will then be prioritized based on other pending issues. If water is leaking on the Town’s side of the water meter, it is not going through the meter and the leak will not make your bill increase.

 Who do I call if I smell wastewater outside or see wastewater overflowing or hear an alarm at a pump station?

Call 828.396.3131 for the appropriate Town staff member to be dispatched.