Granite Falls Merchants' Association Festival on Main - September 16, 2023


The purpose of the Granite Falls Merchants' Association is to create a network of local business owners intent upon promoting their business and the Town of Granite Falls by:

  • Working as a collective whole to accomplish our objectives
  • Providing support to all business within the Town of Granite Falls
  • Creating awareness of the different businesses in Granite Falls
  • Providing education of topics of interest
  • Representing the interest of business owners by working with local and state government officials
  • Working with the Town of Granite Falls and other civic organizations to further the interest of the members of the Granite Falls Merchants Association
  • Attracting new business to Granite Falls
  • Building Pride in Our Community by supporting and/or sponsoring events in the downtown business district


Please call Tammy Hagerty at 828.396.1150 to confirm meeting dates.


Art in the Park concert, featuring the band Fox and Company and the Anywherez Fine Food Truck, will be held Monday, May 20th at the Granite Falls Recreation Center on Field #2 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.