Granite Falls Merchants' Association Festival on Main - September 16, 2023


The purpose of the Granite Falls Merchants' Association is to create a network of local business owners intent upon promoting their business and the Town of Granite Falls by:

  • Working as a collective whole to accomplish our objectives
  • Providing support to all business within the Town of Granite Falls
  • Creating awareness of the different businesses in Granite Falls
  • Providing education of topics of interest
  • Representing the interest of business owners by working with local and state government officials
  • Working with the Town of Granite Falls and other civic organizations to further the interest of the members of the Granite Falls Merchants Association
  • Attracting new business to Granite Falls
  • Building Pride in Our Community by supporting and/or sponsoring events in the downtown business district


Please call Tammy Hagerty at 828.396.1150 to confirm meeting dates.