Electric Department

The first use of electricity in Caldwell County happened in Granite Falls on December 5th, 1888. Dignitaries in Granite Falls threw the switch less than ten years after Thomas Alva Edison invented the first incandescent electric light bulb. Thus, Granite Falls led the way into the future for this area! It would be seventeen years (1906) before another part of the county would have electricity.

Our goal is to provide a reliable power supply to our customers at stable and competitive rates. Our customer service and reliability are second to none with all of the electric department personnel within minutes of our offices. You will not wait hours for an electric employee to respond to the reported emergency.
In 2022, the Town’s Average Service Availability Index, through the American Public Power Association, indicated that electric service was provided on average of 99.9651% of the time to all electric customers. In addition to being a reliable public power provider, the Town of Granite Falls is one of the most environmentally friendly power providers in the State of North Carolina. In 2021, 98.43% of all electricity delivered to the Town of Granite Falls’ electric customers came from sources that emitted no CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere. According to information provided by ElectriCities of North Carolina, 96.91% of Granite Falls’ power came from nuclear energy, 1.51% came from hydroelectric sources, and .01% came from solar sources for a total of 98.43% of power sourced from “clean” power providers.

811 Call Before You DigCall before you dig: Electric power lines, natural gas pipelines, communications lines, and other utility services could be within a few feet of the surface. For homeowners, excavating in your yard poses some risk. Digging into an underground electric line can cause power outages and personal injury from shock or electrocution. We urge you to call the North Carolina One-Call Center at 1.800.632.4949 Or 811. 

Areas surrounding pad-mounted transformers must be kept clear so that workers can safely maintain transformers as needed. Keep shrubs and structures at least 6 feet away from the transformer in all directions. Never touch, climb or play on pad-mounted transformers. Never put fingers, sticks, or other objects through cracks in the transformer. Never dig near a pad-mounted transformer. Since these are surrounded by underground cables, hitting the cable could result in a service disruption, electrical shock, or death. Always dial 8-1-1 before you dig. Report problems immediately. If you notice any damage to the transformer or see a transformer that is unlocked, please call 828-396-3131 immediately.

Art in the Park concert, featuring the band Fox and Company and the Anywherez Fine Food Truck, will be held Monday, May 20th at the Granite Falls Recreation Center on Field #2 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.