Kids playing tee ball
Kids playing tee ball

Coach Pitch/Tee-Ball

Granite Falls Parks & Recreation offers coach pitch/tee-ball for children ages 4-6. This is our co-ed introductory league designed to teach kids the fundamentals of baseball and softball. The participants will each get a number of pitches thrown to them and if they do not make contact then a coach will place the ball on the tee. Each game will consist of 3 innings and all participants will bat and play in the field each inning. The age cut-off for coach pitch/tee-ball is May 1st. Registration for coach pitch/tee-ball takes place during the month of February. Exact dates for registration will be posted two months in advance.
Inclement Weather Policy

In case of bad weather, a decision on if games will be played will be made by 3:30. If you are not contacted by 3:30 then feel free to give us a call at the Recreation Center.




Remember to always practice and promote good sportsmanship!