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Electric Department

Welcome to the homepage of The Town of Granite Falls Electric Department. The first use of electricity in Caldwell County happened in Granite Falls on December 5th, 1888. Dignitaries in Granite Falls threw the switch less than ten years after Thomas Alva Edison invented the first incandescent electric light bulb. Thus, Granite Falls led the way into the future for this area! It would be seventeen years (1906) before another part of the county would have electricity.

Our goal is to provide a reliable power supply to our customers at stable and competitive rates. Our customer service and reliability are second to none with all of the electric department personnel within minutes of our offices. You will not wait hours for an electric employee to respond to the reported emergency.

Town Of Granite Falls Electric Department Receives National Recognition For Reliable Electric Operations

Arlington, VA., May 18, 2015 - The Town of Granite Falls Electric Department is one of 191 of the nation's more than 2,000 public power utilities to earn the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3®) designation from the American Public Power Association for providing consumers with the highest degree of reliable and safe electric service. Kenneth Stone, energy services and accounting manager at Braintree Electric Light Department of Braintree, Mass., and executive committee member of APPA's RP3 Review Panel, presented the designees on May 18TH during the association's annual Engineering & Operations Technical Conference held in Sacramento, CA.

The RP3 designation recognizes public power utilities that demonstrate proficiency in four key disciplines: reliability, safety, workforce development and system improvement. Criteria within each category are based on sound business practices and represent a utility-wide commitment to safe and reliable delivery of electricity. The RP3 designation now lasts for three years (up from two), so the 97 utilities that earned the designation this year join the 94 that received it last year for a total of 191.

"Utilities that have earned APPA's RP3 designation are implementing best practices for the industry, and are a testament to public power's commitment to serving their community," said Stone.

"We're honored to receive the RP3 designation," said Rick Sisk, Electric Services Director of the Town of Granite Falls Electric Department. "Our Electric Department staff puts in a lot of hard work to serve this community. RP3 represents a much appreciated recognition of this hard work." Town Manager Jerry Church stated "he, Mayor Barry Hayes and the Town Council are proud of the Electric Department for receiving this honor." Church added, "in the end, Town electric customers receive the benefit from the efforts of Town staff in achieving the RP3 designation."

This is the tenth year that RP3 recognition has been offered. APPA is the national organization representing more than 2,000 not-for-profit, community- and state- owned electric utilities. It is located in Arlington, VA.

2013 ElectriCities Municipal Electric Safety Award

Pictured left to right are ElectriCities Chief Operating Officer Roy Jones who presented the award on behalf of ElectriCities, Town Fire Chief and Safety Officer Thomas Laws, Town Electric Services Director Rick Sisk and North Carolina Municipal Power Agency 1 Vice President Matt Schull.

The Town of Granite Falls received a 2013 ElectriCities Municipal Electric Safety Award. The Town received this award for not having any lost work day cases for the Town Electric Department employees during the past year.

ElectriCities Chief Operating Officer Roy Jones and North Carolina Municipal Power Agency 1 Vice President Matt Schull presented the award to the Town of Granite Falls on behalf of ElectriCities at the Town Council meeting held November 17, 2014. Jones stated, "It is a great accomplishment to provide electric service to the citizens of the Town of Granite Falls and an even greater accomplishment to provide this service on a consistent basis while maintaining the highest level of safety possible for Town Electric Department employees. The Town of Granite Falls not only keeps its Electric Department employees safe, it also ensures that the Town safely provides power to its electric system customers."

Town of Granite Falls Electric Department
4 Laurel Street
Granite Falls, NC 28630
828 396-2989 -- For utility service or billing questions, please call Town Hall at 396-3131
Office Hours 7:00am to 4:00pm (Monday - Friday)

Electric Department Staff

Rick Sisk (Line Crew Supervisor)8 years experience
Jim Cushing (Energy Services/Lineman)24 years experience
Dean Isenhour (Lineman)20 years experience
Chad Russell (Lineman)1 year experience

Reporting an outage or emergency

Reporting an outage: 8:00am to 5:00pm (Monday through Friday) 396-3131
5:00pm to 8:00am (evenings, holidays and weekends) 396-3358

If you are digging in your yard

Call before you dig: Electric power lines, natural gas pipelines, communications lines, and other utility services could be within a few feet of the surface. For homeowners, excavating in your yard poses some risk. Digging into an underground electric line can cause power outages and personal injury from shock or electrocution. We urge you to call the North Carolina One-Call Center at 1-800-632-4949 or visit the following link: http://www2.ncocc.org/ncocc/homepage.htm.

Report malfunctioning streetlights

Thank you for helping us find street lights that are out or are malfunctioning. Our utility poles have an identification number on them about eye level. It would help us out greatly if you could include this number when you call or email us. Our crews will repair the light as quickly as possible. Please call City Hall to report at 396-3131. Please leave a message after hours. Or send an email to sisk@granitefallsnc.com.

Rebates Available for Energy Efficiency

Rebates are available for heat pumps, water heaters, Energy Star Certified new homes, solar thermal and energy efficient lighting upgrades. Please call our office at 396-2989 and ask for Rick Sisk or Jim Cushing for more information.

Heat Pump (14.0-14.9 SEER)$400 (unavailable after 12/31/14)
Heat Pump (15.0-15.9 SEER)$400
Heat Pump (16 SEER or higher)$400
Electric Water Heaters$150
Energy Star Homes*$500
Commercial Solar Thermal$450/certified panel
Commercial Energy Efficient Lighting**$0.35/watt saved

*Energy Star Home rebates must meet HERS standards for Energy Star Homes. Rebates are not dependent upon water conservation measures prescribed in the standards.
**Lighting rebates are available to C&I customers for qualifying lighting projects. The amount of the rebate is 35 cents per watt saved, up to a maximum of $25,000 or half of the total project cost, whichever is less.

Annual Reports
The following annual reports are avalable in PDF format.

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